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Deltaville Oyster Company

Providing locally grown oysters through sustainable and eco-conscious methods. Download our brochure for more information.

Flavor Profile: Our oysters offer a sweet, buttery taste with a medium saltiness and a rich, clean finish. The flavor is one that receives consistent positive feedback when enjoyed on the half shell, cooked, or used in a recipe.

Handling & Care: Raised in the pristine waters of the lower Rappahannock, our oysters are grown and harvested by hand in small batches, never touching the bottom, ensuring the highest quality oysters.

We also offer Shoreline Restoration services. As part of our environmentally friendly practices, we save all oyster shells to utilize for the prevention of erosion of beaches and land around our neighborhood. If you own waterfront property or know someone that does, check out our Shoreline Restoration section for safe and sustainable ways to maintain your property.

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